Test object

ISTQB Glossary definition explained in simple english with examples based on real experience for the testing term “Test Object ”.

ISTQB Glossary definition

The component or system to be tested. See also test item.

In Simple English, this means

The system under test

QA Practitioner’s notes for real work experience in this field

  • This can be a software system or a hardware system or a combination of both.
  • Most times systems are very big and the scope of testing is defined by the project as testing a particular sub - module of the system. In such case, the sub-module will be the test object not the entire system.
  • This is important when you start  logging bugs as some of the bugs might span the boundaries of the system under test to other modules of the larger solution or enterprise. 

Now, Let’s see one or more example cases to understand this even better:

Example: 1
Say you are tasing the new changes to a website that accepts credit card payments for the goods and services. There is no change to the payment module which processes the card transactions. Hence, only the web site is considered as test objet. The card processing module is expected to work as earlier.

Note: This does not mean that if you find a bug outside the system that is currently under test, you will not report it. You still will report it.

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